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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ProCert examination?

A ProCert examination is an online examination that certifies you as a professional, proficient in a certain area of expertise.

What does the examination consist of?

The ProCert examination consists of 45 multiple choice questions, and 3 active assignements.

  • The online segment of the multiple choice course must be completed in 45 minutes and one sitting.
  • The coursework aspect must be completed within two weeks.

Each active assignement features a coding task and examination the use of classes, functions and approprirate measures.

What if I fail to achieve the pass mark?

You will have the option of retaking the examination, the fee however is still the initial fee. You are therefore encouraged to ensure that you meet the minimum knowledge and experience requirements prior to signing up for the examination. No refund will be issued if you fail the examination.


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